A Broth

pexels-photoHave you have been conflicted with a 1000 thoughts at once? I have – at any point in time my mind is racing to prioritize one thought over the other. These are cooking in my head but at the end of the day it all comes together, like a broth – some thoughts take precedence and some subtly peep out from the background and some just fade away.

This blog series is dedicated to all the thoughts and ideas and reflections – some published already and some new – so that you can read about a perspective on ‘A’ topic. Maybe you have your own – but that’s the beauty of the brain isn’t it? Your perspective is different from mine.

Like some of you might say the image in this post is a dense forest. Or some may say its just a bunch of trees in an orchard. What I see is someone lying down and staring at the sky in a patch of land with many trees. There isn’t a single truth, but just different perspectives.

Lets share these ideas and perspectives. You might be surprised to know how different your thoughts could be from the rest.


Got something to say to this? Write in, lets talk :)

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