I Dream….

city-sun-hot-childI dream. I dream for my country – India. I dream of an India where poverty, illiteracy and corruption do not exist. I dream of an India where everybody gets equal opportunities and there is employment for everybody. Most of all, I dream for the children of India – the next generation India, which will take the country to supremacy and make it a super power.

But is that possible I ask myself. Every day I see so many children begging on the streets, children who have no option but to work to earn for their poor families, little girls no more than 13-14 who have become mothers and have no one to turn to and most of all children who are abused- sexually and mentally by people more powerful than them.

How are these children, the future of India going to help in the development of the country when they can’t help themselves? Is there a solution to this problem? I think there is. In my opinion, the solution is Education. It sounds clichéd but basic education does more than just teach to read and write. India has the largest number of uneducated children in the world out of which more than 60% are girls.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, and investing in girls’ education benefits not only those girls in the classroom but also their families and communities. In fact, investing in just ONE extra year of education means mothers earn more, raise healthier families and are better able to prevent and fight back diseases. This would lead to a virtuous cycle where the children of these women would get to know the importance of education and get it for themselves too.

What then, can we, the more privileged and blessed, do to make the situation better? Think about this -If each one of us, sponsored the education for one child for 5 years (basic government schools do not charge more than a few thousand rupees per year as fees), wouldn’t that make the situation far better? I agree that there would be many people and organizations in the middle that would turn this to their advantage but we as educated Indians are responsible to counter this. We would have to make sure that our hard-earned money reaches the child and doesn’t satiate someone’s greed. In the end, it’s not just a question of giving away money but taking the responsibility of making sure that it’s the children who benefit. With this as the first step, we would have to start working towards other problems that ail our country and try to slowly abolish all the wrong practices.

Then, I see my dream coming true. Then I see my country becoming a super power.


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