The Descent 2 (2009) – Review


Important note: Don’t watch this movie even if you are a horror movie buff.

Ya I know, I am one of those who watches movies back to back. And I am going to keep this one very short.

After my pleasant (nothing pleasant about it) viewing of Descent, I watched the sequel. For people who are interested, Descent released in 2005 had 2 different endings, both quite plausible and one of them which would have shut the chapter for a sequel. But they chose the ending which opened the doors for a sequel when it wasn’t required.

The movie opens just 2 days after the 6 women go missing and shows the sheriff and cave explorers trying to figure out where they were. In a parallel scene, Sarah who escaped gets saved and ends up in a hospital. The movie then continues to show the stupid sheriff, about 3 explorers and Sarah back again in the same cave system from which Sarah escaped. Now if you have gone through a traumatic experience, why would you force a survivor to face the same circumstances again and if you are the survivor, why would you go into the claustrophobic setting again? I just couldn’t understand it.

The movie then just goes from bad to worse with the same kind of scenes, jumps and gore which wasn’t even required. Sarah played by Shauna Macdonald tries her best to save the movie but is left unsupported by the stupidity of the plot and irrational sequence of events.

Some movies just don’t need a sequence (even if they made tonnes of money to begin with). I give this a ‘C-‘.


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