A Bloody Ad Campaign – Review



Source of Images: The Inspiration Room and Bangalore Traffic Police

I was browsing the internet without a purpose and I chanced upon an ad campaign that surprised me because of 2 reasons. One, the campaign is run by Bangalore traffic police who I thought was incapable of doing such a clean but forceful campaign. Two, the campaign shows you exactly what you don’t want to see but that is its intent.

An ad according to me serves its purpose when it connects with the audience in 2 seconds. And if it connects with you at an emotional level, then nothing like it. These ads do exactly that. Its graphic, cruel and the impending doom is visible – almost in slow motion. The red of the blood completely stands out in the pale background and the expressions of the artists is spot on.

The message DO NOT TALK WHILE DRIVING applies to not just the driver to put the phone on silent or not pick up but also the friends and families,  so they hang up as soon as they realize the other person is driving.

The print campaign is developed by DDB Mudra Group, India and is kickass in my view. It is an old ad, 2010 I think but the disappointing bit is that I haven’t seen this around in the city, ever. I wonder why.

What emotions does this stir in you?



2 thoughts on “A Bloody Ad Campaign – Review

  1. It is very effective and eye catching. Maybe that’s the problem, it would be unwise to have on billboards – it could even cause accidents itself!

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