Live Videos – Are They All That Great?

Downsides of Live videos
Live Videos

We have all heard about Facebook Live – it’s now available to all its 1.5 billion users and even on Android devices. Doing a live video is already becoming a new mode of communication. Videos have already overtaken most other forms of communications in an office setup. And Facebook is really cashing in on it. Social Bakers, which measures social marketing, found in their survey that Facebook videos have already caught up to YouTube. Even the interactions, which is what most businesses aim at, are much higher in Facebook.

There are many ways businesses can use the Live option. You just have to click on the record button and stream to an audience. You can even have a private, customized target. Though other players like Periscope and Meercat have already made live videos popular for businesses, Facebook has clear advantages. Its huge subscriber base and the option to archive the videos on your timeline are two main ones. There is also an existing audience which businesses can tap into and you don’t have to share it on other platforms.

So what can you use Facebook Live for. Here are some I can think of.

  1. Events – Most companies attend and host corporate events. It is a great place to tap into the event audience and the people who have not been able to attend to let them know about it.
  2. Product demos – It is sometimes difficult for businesses, especially smaller ones to make a good product demo – it is expensive and time consuming. But now product demos can be easily done, even real time for prospect customers.
  3. Training – Ever had trouble trying to get a common time and multiple people across time zones to conduct a training? Well now it can be done anytime, anywhere – you only need access to the internet.
  4. Q and A and live chats – Companies can use this feature for conducting Q and A and live chats. It could be with the leadership, or the new batch of interns who have joined or
  5. Announcements – You can get important announcements out and connect better with employees and customers.

All this is good. But are we not taking into cognizance how video communication need not be all that great.  What are the downsides of it all?

  1. Control – Live videos cannot be controlled. A disgruntled employee might do more damage in on video than all the good work that a company might have done. You have to be doubly sure of the topic and the messaging that a live video will have and plan really well to ward off any negative reactions and interactions.
  2. Cyber bullying – There is a higher chance of getting trolled or bullied with this medium. One will have to have a plan on combating interactions that target one person or company and make sure such bullies are not encouraged.
  3. Content deluge – We are already living in an age where more than half the content goes unnoticed. Technology is making it easier and easier to produce content but who is viewing it? Will not videos just add to the deluge?
  4. Image – This is more personal and might not apply to a workplace but I have a feeling this will make many people more conscious of how they look and speak. People with not much confidence will shy away from this medium, and people who do it might get crushed because of people making fun of their image.

We will have to wait and watch if people remain gung-ho and as excited a few months down the line. I have a feeling they will not.


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