Batman v Superman, 2016 – Review

Poster Source: IMPA Awards
Source: IMP Awards

Note: This review might contain some spoilers 🙂

Oh Zack Snyder, what have you done? You took a really bad script and did the best you could. Yes, that’s what it was – no plot, no logic except for maybe the last 30 minutes but the movie looks really good. No points lost for direction, yes Mr. Snyder, you haven’t become the black sheep yet in my eyes. Its a pity though that you were fired by Warner Bros., my sympathies.


People, the plot/story is zero, nada. There is nothing. For two years Batman thinks Superman is the villain and Superman thinks Batman is the nasty guy and they fight. Jessie Eisenberg plays Lex Luthor, the actual bad guy who is in the quest of what, I don’t know. Maybe world dominion? But why pit Batman against Superman when he already had the Kryptonian ship with which he created the ultimate monster? And then another no surprise – enter Wonderwoman, played by smoking hot Gal Gadot who helps Batman and Superman after they become friends to fight the ultimate bad ass monster. And what is Lex doing when all this is going on? Well, getting caught but not without saying there is something more sinister in store.

Confused yet? Well, that’s what it was about.

Why you should not watch it?

I can think of many reasons other than what was wrong with the plot. Here are some of the top:

  • Jessie Eisenberg, he didn’t look or act like the bad guy at all. He could be a nerd or a billionaire or even a playboy but definitely not a villain. I was actually cringing when he came on screen and tried to do crazy dialogues which didn’t suit him at all.
  • Superman and Batman were enemies and they fought real hard and then suddenly they were the best of friends. Well if they bonded so much so instantly just because of their mothers’ name being the same, why couldn’t they talk earlier? Maybe have a dialogue before you cause mass destruction? You are superheros, how can you given into blind rage like us commoners?
  • Too many subplots finally not really making sense together.
  • Amy Adams – her role, hmm? I don’t know what her role was about. All she kept doing was putting Superman in trouble though she thought she was trying to get him out of trouble. Even the last scene where she throws away the Kryptonian spear is stupid, what if you needed it at a later time? Why would you throw it away?
  • 3D – My earnest request is for all film makers to stop making movies in 3D. I have had enough of them. As someone once said, if it is a really good move, you just need to see it in 2D.

Why you should watch it – at-least once

  • As expected from Mr. Snyder, it is a really good looking movie. The effects are great, the fight sequences are good although most of them are towards the end.
  • Henry Cavill – he seems to get better with every Superman movie. I liked him a lot here.
  • Ben Affleck – he, in my opinion, is probably the best looking and the closest in resemblance to Bruce Wayne/Batman. I like Christian Bale, but I think Ben is much better suited. His suit is also just awesome.
  • Gal Gadot – she has a small part but does she make an impact as Wonderwoman. I loved her.
  • Last 30 minutes of the movie – the action sequence in the end is really good. I would probably watch just that many more times once it is on DVD.

Well, that was the good and the bad, well bad mostly.

Did you like it? Do you think the other Batman movies with Affleck will be better? Will be great to know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Batman v Superman, 2016 – Review

  1. Why Superman and Batman did not talk things through BE-FORE they started SuperHeroes Fight Club???

    Cause they were MEN!!!?? Duh-huh!

    Along with asking for directions; conversation as a method of conflict resolution doesn’t reside in male-o-tionary.

    It’s always confrontation and then exhaustion, to the point of conversation.

    (….and all the women in the world go… GAAAAHHHHH!!)

    Liked by 1 person

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