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We all have plans, plans to make it big

Some want to be somebody,

And some want to own something.


But life has plans, plans of its own

Life leads some to become what they want

It hands out things that others desire

Some make history, and some become history.


Transience is the name of the game

What is life if not a game?

Where you win some and

Where some lose it all


So what does one do? Do they still bet it all?

Or do they plan for transience?

Big bets lead to big wins

But they also lead to historical losses


Is anything in our control?

We would like to believe so

But the thing is, life has its own plans

Some call it destiny, and some call it fate


I don’t know what it is

But one thing I know for sure

You can plan all you want, desire all you can

Life will only give what IT wants


For those who won it all

Congrats! But don’t get too cocky

Those who lost it all, you will get over it someday

But you will never get past it


So hope and plan for more

But cherish what you have now!


5 thoughts on “Transience

  1. Lacks depths and ‘reads’ like any number of broiler-plate poems (broiler-poets, I call them). It is hollow.
    Life is anything but trite. Dig deep and you’ll write better. You seem to have the potential


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