Refresh Your Cap – Ad Review

I guess my ad reviews are becoming a weekly affair 🙂

This week I have the Vettel Cap Refresh Ad. I posted this on my FB page but I think this ad deserves a bit more. Before we get into that here are some facts:

  • According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, forty-three percent of adults drink less than four cups of water a day. Now how much water you actually need depends on a lot of parameters but less than four cups a day is definitely not sufficient.
  • There are over 30 Apps present today to remind us to drink water. And that is with just a simple Google search that I did. I am sure there are more.

Why am I stating these you would ask? Because the ad in question does exactly that. It reminds us to have water, every hour.

Ogilvy Paris comes up with this innovative way to remind you drink more or equal to 8 glasses of water, which is the recommended quantity. Designed for Vittel, a French brand of bottled water, the ‘refresh cap’ is a bespoke topper that pops up a tiny red flag every hour to prompt you to take a sip. When you twist the bottle cap shut, a timer autonomously begins, counting down the minutes until your next notification. The device encourages people to stay hydrated throughout the day in a fun and engaging way, promoting good health through design.

Some people might argue that it is just a marketing gimmick and if you wanted a reminder, there are apps, alarms and even your will power. But take it from someone who doesn’t like drinking water – this will help. Though I haven’t tried using this bottle, it seems engaging and its fun. And by the time you get bored with the game, you might just be in the habit of drinking water.

To understand if Vittel is selling this in general public or it is just a campaign, I searched high and low on retail websites online, doesn’t seem to be available. But your 3D printers will be useful in case you want to put your design skills to work and build one? What say?


Got something to say to this? Write in, lets talk :)

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