Beat the Heat With These Creative Ads

If you live in India, chances are you are almost wishing for snow. With temperatures soaring, lakes and water bodies drying, people getting a heatstroke and birds falling off the skies because of thirst, the heat wave this year is unbearable. It is but natural that everybody wants to cool off – I rush to office as early as I can to get away from the heat in my house. A nice air conditioned room is just what everyone wants or maybe get stuffed inside a refrigerator :).

I don’t have an AC so I was just browsing to see what technology has done to this market – do we have smart ACs you can talk to or maybe ACs which follow you where you go? Anyways, all of this got me thinking about how a product should be marketed. Lets take an AC itself and see how you can ‘ice out’ your competition by getting creative. I have also linked some innovative AC ads – some of them will really tickle your funny bone.

You have got to make them feel hot first

Before you start saying things like the AC will do the job well, you need to make the audience feel they NEED something to cool off. So give them some numbers like ‘2016 is the hottest year in a century’ and then tell them what an AC will do. Instead of just advertise, establish a requirement or desire and then go for the kill. Like this ad does. Heat makes you angry, irritated and agitated. So use the AC to cool off – whether at home or office. Simple yet absolutely effective.

Bull’s Eye on the Target

Yes, yes,  you would have heard this many a time, whether you are a marketer or not. You have to pitch to your customers and their cultural habits. If it is an Indian market, then cost is what you might want to consider first. ACs are expensive and the electricity bills just soar. You might want to talk about how your product is economical and how it wouldn’t be a burden on your wallet. This Godrej AC ad is just what Indians would want.

Tell a story that sets you apart

If you can connect with the audience at an emotional/sub-conscious level through advocacy, then  you have them hooked. So tell a story that connects with the masses. This ad of Daikin ACs takes the 3 monkeys angle and give it a whole new twist. It not only depicts that Daikin redefines silence but tells a story that is different.

Don’t just think about the peak seasons, stretch

Not all places will have the same seasons. And it might seem counter-intuitive to increase your advertising in a place which doesn’t have a peak season but by focusing on the off-peak, you might just catch customers who are planning ahead.

Get testimonials

Offline channels can work wonders as well when paired with your external hoardings or TV ads. Get testimonials of people recorded in a fun way and distribute them. You want to create that buzz through people advocating for the product or byte sized marketing techniques.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

This is a 1958 ad by GE. The penguins and the ice take your mind instantly to some place cool and what do you find in that place? A GE AC. Like I have said in some of my previous reviews, print ads can convey so much too. If you want to have a look at some other retro ads for ACs, here is a list compiled by BuzzFeed.

AC - enhanced-buzz-wide-16770-1372686517-14
Source: Buzzfeed – 20 Coolest Retro AC Ads


This BGH air conditioner ad is a whole campaign in itself – it does all of the above and does it in a quirky and funny-as-hell way. I mean who would want to see #DadsInBriefs? Thank god the ACs prevent them from leaving the house in those. It was created for the Argentinian market by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi.


Hope you enjoyed these as much as I liked digging them out. So stay cool this summer, get an AC or just travel to the cooler parts of the world. Who knows, with the current global warming discussions, you might not have any cold place to go to in the future.


Got something to say to this? Write in, lets talk :)

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