She and Grief

This is a poem dedicated to a friend who suffered a massive personal loss. But she is so strong, and is so determined that it is inspiring. She is like a tea bag whose strength only increases the longer it stays in hot water – she might have troubles none of us have but she only gets stronger amidst them.


She spoke and spoke

Of memories of both of them

All in the very hope

That she wouldn’t forget them.

Rain fell and the sun shone

But she had no recollection

She only cared about her phone

As she had all of him in that collection!

Grief is a funny thing

At first it hits you like a rock

It then has you in a sling,

And all it does is mock.

Some are strong, some not so

Some throw the rock back right at grief

Most making it part of their bio

And let out a shriek.

But not she. She had grief by her hands

She was going to beat it black and blue

After all, life is like starlit white sands

With grief and joy both in its hue.

She got stronger by the day,

Like tea bags in a pot.

The longer the bags stay,

The stronger the tea gets

She is like the tea bag,

Showing such strength

That she brought color to life.


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