Seven Pounds, 2008 – Review

Most learnèd judge, a sentence! Come prepare!

Tarry a little, there is something else.
This bond doth give thee here no jot of blood;
The words expressly are “a pound of flesh.”

The Merchant Of Venice Act 4, scene 1, 304–307


Seven Pounds – Plot

Seven pounds is inspired from this quote where Will Smith tries to help 7 people with his own flesh. The story revolves around how he is trying to achieve atonement for the death of 7 people who got killed because of a crash he was responsible for. I will not go into the plot further for people who have not seen the movie but I can tell you this, this is one of those movies where everything comes together in the last 30 minutes and beautifully. Till then you will be scratching your head and trying to figure out how so many loose ends can be tied together.

Why you should watch it

This movie released in 2008 and I have seen it multiple times with a new emotion stirred in me every time. There are many reasons you should watch it but the two main reasons are the lead actors.

Will Smith – he does a fab job as a person trying to come to terms with the devastation his actions have cost. Trivia is that with this movie he tried to show how men cope with trauma. Anyways, I have a love-hate relationship with Will Smith. There are obvious many movies maybe 3-4 years back that he did were so great – serious and comic. Then he made some disasters and then there was Concussion. So his game has been a sine wave but he is still very interesting to watch. In this movie though, he is tight, really brings out the grief that a person in his place might be handling.

The chemistry between Will Smith and Rosario Dawson – if a movie has a love angle, this is how it should be shot. I am big time weeper, and this movie had me in tears every time Will Smith and Dawson came together. I knew this was not going to end well. They were really good together compared to when they played the lead couple in Men in Black. The love, the sacrifice and the want for a normal life was palpable. This kind of love is the what inspires people to write sagas like Romeo and Juliet.

Overall, the story really comes together in hindsight and all the others as supporting actors did a really good job.

What I didn’t like about it

I think parts of the movie could have been a bit more fast paced. Sometimes it feels like there is only pain and suffering the movie and nothing else. Maybe that’s what the movie was about but some of it could have been cut down.

The box jellyfish was out of place in the ice water I thought. From what I know, it would have died in that cold water so that wouldn’t have served any purpose. It looked beautiful though – my profile photo is also a jellyfish, they just look so pretty. 🙂

Critics panned it for being so cryptic but that is what I loved about it. Remorse can do that to a person – life is serious, even the tiniest of your actions can either destroy or change lives for better and your reactions speak volumes about the kind of person you are.


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