You and I

Source: Pexels, Juan Carlos Leva

You were but a child when you had me,

Giving up on your immediate dreams,

Telling yourself to achieve them later,

You made raising me, your priority. 


In a strange land, among all things foreign,

In a place where even the language was alien,

You were a warrior, a master student, 

Raising me and adapting at the same time. 


I remember my childhood vividly, 

The fun times and the not-so-fun,

Times where you tried to discipline me,

With a stick or the back of your hand.


I am thankful for those times now,

It instilled in me a sense of responsibility, 

And taught me that it doesn’t matter, 

If you are 3 or 33, discipline is never ending.


I have seen you turn from a child to a woman, 

Learning fast, juggling activities and trying new things,

I have seen you not be afraid, to not say NO, 

But to try something first before giving up.


You have put up with the rebel in me,

You have forgiven me for my mistakes,

For you, I will always be a child, 

However young or old I become.


You still put up with my fights and tantrums, 

I guess every mom-daughter relationship is the same,

First there is screaming, some silence and then laughter, 

Some may voice it like us, some just do it quietly.


You are a friend, a coach, my first institution,

A person I want to tell everything, yet I WON’T,

I am my own, confidant woman now you see, 

And it is you who has made me. 


So I will fight my own battles, 

Learn from my own mistakes, 

It is time for you to focus on ‘YOU’,

After all, you are one helluva ‘SUPERMOM’!




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