Friday the 13th

She rose from a deep slumber and felt like she had been sleeping for eons. She felt weak and tired. After stretching for a bit, she brushed and washed her face. She suddenly felt very hungry, it was time to eat.

But first things first. She switched on her phone and started scanning the chat room participants. This guy looks interesting, she thought to herself.

‘Hello handsome’, she punched in and pressed on send.

‘Hello there’, pat came the reply.

‘What you doing?’

‘I am just sitting around, weekend is almost here, wondering what to do. What are you doing?’

‘I just got up from a deep slumber’. She pinged, as the last bits of sunshine disappeared.

‘Great. You look so hot in your DP. You want to come to my place if you are not doing anything? We can have a lot of fun :)’

These men disgusted her. Just put up a sexy picture and all they want to do is fuck you, she thought to herself. I will show him, I will blow his mind.

‘Absolutely, I want to meet you and do things I have never done to a guy. You will have the best night of your life. I will come right over’.


At dawn the next morning, a friendly neighbor walking her dog passed Jason’s porch – the the young man who was always such a sweetheart, helping the neighbors, walking the dogs for free and taking care of kids when parents were not at home.

She screamed so hard that the entire neighborhood woke up with a shudder and came running to the scream. Lying on Jason’s porch, the neighbors of Crystal Lake Street were staring at the severed head of Jason. It was the most horrific thing they had ever seen in their lives.

Elsewhere, she was satisfied with the amount of blood she had had. It was time to sleep again, till the next Friday the 13th.

A dedication for all the Jason, Freddy Krueger and slash/gore/horror films and fans. It is Friday the 13th. Have fun today, stay safe 🙂


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