The Earth Is NOT Flat

There is a lump in my throat,

I am not sure where I am headed.

There are so many things to do.

A slate to treasure and a clean one to fill,

With moments that are yet to come.


I am sad but excited for the future,

Sad to bid goodbye and happy to meet new people.

Its never easy to uproot oneself,

You still have to sometimes,

To spread your wings and fly without purpose.


I hope to see you in my flight,

To reminisce and make new memories.

The Earth is not flat after all,

The presumed end may just be the beginning,

So here is auf wiedersehen, till we meet again.







6 thoughts on “The Earth Is NOT Flat

  1. Lovely… and for the exploring part… it’s a must.. someone wise once said, “ships are always safe at the harbor, but that’s not what they are meant for”

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