The World Is Connected

This is my 53rd post – I started blogging regularly on 1st Feb this year, used some old posts from here and there that I had written once upon a time and wrote many news ones.I had some free time and I really wanted to get my thoughts onto a blank slate; something that I had been planning for years and did on numerous platforms but never consolidated on one.

A friend told me that WordPress is better than a lot of the other sites and I agree. I have 53 follows and countless likes for my Broth of Blogs for which I am grateful. Thank you all for the love and appreciation.:)

Source: Pexels, Donald Tong

Thank You

I have also discovered many pages that just shows that there is just so much talent in the world and so many people use writing and connecting with one another as a means to express all kinds of human emotions. Its just amazing!

I am in the midst of something rather big so haven’t been able to write too much, but you will be hearing from me soon enough. Till then, keep blogging 🙂


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