The Boy (2016) – Review

Note – No spoilers, so read on.

The toughest thing for a parent is to see their child die before them – Anonymous.

The Plot

The Boy (2016) gives a whole different meaning to the sentence above. It is about the Heelshires, an old English couple living in a big house in the middle of nowhere (it could be countryside New York if not for the accents). They hire a nanny, Greta Evans (played by Lauren Cohen of The Walking Dead fame) to look after their small boy, Brahms. But what do you know? Brahms is not a boy at all, it is a life size doll.

Source - IMDB

The story proceeds thereon where Greta plays along because she has moved to a whole different continent to escape her abusive boyfriend/father of her dead child. The Heelshires leave for a vacation with a cryptic ‘I am sorry’ from the Mrs. There are rules to look after the doll and they warn her not to break them.

But considering the boy is a doll and Greta is alone, she prefers to NOT follow the rules to look after him which includes kiss him goodnight. Mysterious things start happening then on and Greta is absolutely certain that the doll is alive or possessed by the real Brahms who died in a fire as a child. In comes Malcolm (Rupert Evans) and they discover the truth about Brahms, the boy/the doll/the spirit – whatever you want to call it. On the other hand, the Heelshires take a dip in the pond with stones in their pockets which screams SUICIDE.

More dolls anyone?

Now, there are lots of movies that have been made on dolls (Chucky series, Dead Silence, more recently Annabelle) and I can’t for the love of the world understand why anybody would have a life size doll in their house. But this story at-least has an explanation. The Heelshires, not being able to cope with their son’s death, actually believe that the doll which looks like him, is their son – they are half mad with grief. But that is not the whole truth.

And then…

The rest of the movie is complete nonsense. The third act will leave you puzzled and when you try to piece together the puzzle at the end, you would realize that the end was just plain stupid. The crew should have continued on ‘the doll is possessed’ track. Having said that, the setting is good, there are no crazy jump scenes and are actual ones where the mood and the sounds go together well and Cohen and Evans do a good job of what they have been given.

The Boy is a horror turned to humorous turned to ‘what the hell happened here’ kinda movie. Avoid paying money for it, I am sure it will be on TV soon enough if not already. I give it a C-

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      1. I on the contrary, keep looking for good ones, just love the idea behind fighting something that can’t be explained by science. And last year The Babadook and It Follows were great examples of that. Love the Conjuring parts as well.

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