This is a poem inspired from a story/poem I read long, long ago. It talked about how happiness is just something that we try to find in external things, where as happiness is always present, inside each one of us. We just to have to find it and smile at life and take it one day at a time.

Poem, happiness, Blind boy, Storytelling, Microfiction, Flash fiction

I sat in the park, under the willow tree,

thinking about my money troubles in a spree.

Why did I have to face so many troubles, 

where as all others lived in a dream bubble?

As I sat thinking and worrying about everything,

there came a boy besides me and said something.

I shifted further away from him, not wanting to speak,

but he slid closer to me with a sneak.

‘Leave me alone’, I murmured,

‘This is for you’, he had me cornered.

In his hand was a wilted, almost dead flower,

And I look at him with a glower.

‘Isn’t this flower beautiful – all pretty and colorful?

I got it for you because it is so wonderful’.

I wanted to shout at the boy and shoo him away,

Because the flower was nothing but a disarray.

That is when I look up at the boy,

And realized that he was blind, ahoy.

I felt ashamed to worry about my troubles,

while the boy who tried to cheer me, had larger struggles.

He still kept his smile, 

and was happier than me in a mile.

I made up my mind then, to look at life differently,

that you can find happiness in anything, incidentally.




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