Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) – Review

Okayyy (long breath), where do I start? Maybe the plot.

Independence Day IMDB

The Plot

It is 2016 and 20 years have passed since the world united against the alien attack. The 3 heroes – then President (Bill Pullman), Capt. Something Hiller(Will Smith) and David (Jeff Goldblum) saved the day in 1996. We have used the alien technology and built a strong defense, ready to win again if there is an alien attack ever.

And guess what – there is one. The bad aliens are back, to steal our molten core and advance their technology but also to capture something that looks like a tiny Death Star which in reality is their foe and our ally. This ball of no-traceable field of radiation is from another planet which has superior technology to beat the crap out of the aliens.

We have a bunch of oldies from the first movie, notably Pullman, Goldblum, the crazy-genius doctor (Spiner) and some youngsters who have grown up like Hiller Jr. and ex-first daughter Maika Monroe and her fiance Liam Hemsworth who save Earth yet again.

Why you should watch it?

The first movie was brilliant – it evoked emotions like patriotism, joy at killing the aliens, world unification and other such positive reactions. If you were a fan, then you should be excited for this one.

Uhmm – Well, I can’t think of anything else.

I can only think of reasons as to why I was bored out of my wits and why this one will go down without making an impact. Here are some reasons:

The present day is shown to be much more advanced than it is today with spaceships and satellites which can zip and zap from the moon to Earth.  Kinda unrealistic, especially when the CGI wasn’t even that great. I mean the CGI in 1996 was (in some case superior) comparable to what we have here and we are in 2016.

I really didn’t give a shit about the characters. I actually wanted to scream out and tell them to make me care for them – well I couldn’t do that, could I now? So I kept shut and watched in agony, dialogue after dead dialogue. Even Bill Pullman couldn’t do anything to bring back the ‘Yeah, COME ON, lets kill them’. Jeff Goldblum was actually really annoying in this movie (he was my favorite in the first) – his fake fear of heights, his dumb jokes and his so called charm didn’t really work, it felt very out of place. The others, especially Madam President were forgettable. Oh and Madam President was really lame, she just didn’t have the same pull like Pullman 🙂

The story was pretty much the same but a sadder version of it – the aliens apparently are using the same technology they were using two decades ago despite having devoured many planets to advance their technology. What a loophole.

It reminded me of Star Wars and the Alien series – the space fights, the Death Star resembling thing and the aliens – movies that I don’t want to compare Independence Day to.

The music again didn’t help, it was boring and unoriginal.

And there were just too many sub-plots that didn’t really tie well together unlike the first one.


Maybe I am just comparing it to the first one and that is my fault as a fan but this doesn’t even come close to how great the first one was. My advise would be to not waste money on this one unless you have lots of it and a lot of time too. Go watch Finding Dory (I think I should have) or something else.

Note: Just read this on Deadline – Independence Day is getting crushed by Finding Dory. A couple of weeks will tell whether Independence Day re-surged or doomed and sank to the Earth’s molten core.

Quoting from the site – Resurgence is landing below expectations with $43.4M this weekend after a $16.8M Friday. That’s disastrous for a 20-year-old beloved blockbuster franchise that Fox counted as one of its summer pillars. If there’s any prayer for Resurgence‘s domestic box office apocalypse to cease, then it lies abroad where this $165M-$200M Roland Emmerich film is expected do draw $100M-$150M this weekend.


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