I choose…

I choose to love and not hate who I am,

I choose to be kind to other, even if they were harsh to me,

I choose to be genuine and not fake any of my emotions,

I choose to be soft and not brash with my loved ones,

I choose to be hopeful in life as being hopeless is a waste of time,

I choose to be patient with those around me, even if they are impatient,

I choose to give myself time despite of having no time,

I choose to be ambitious without losing sight of laughter and happiness,

I choose to overcome my fears and not be a coward,

I choose to be adventurous and find new things in life,

I choose to take on challenges so I can grow as a person,

I choose to forgive whenever possible and forget always,

I choose not be lazy and seize every present moment,

I choose to be present, in this moment and not always think of the past or future,

Because I know it is the present that shapes our future which then becomes our past.



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