Before I Wake, 2016 – Review

Before I wake

I was surprised to see a trailer of ‘Before I wake’ on YouTube so late in the year. Weird to see a movie releasing so late in the US when it was released in India a few months back and even made it to flights – yeah I saw it on one of my long journeys as I couldn’t go to the theater in time. I dug around a bit and turns out that the production company went bust; it was actually supposed to hit screens as early as mid of last year. So they kept pushing the dates and when they got some money, they released the film in a few countries. I guess they were smart, knowing that the movie wouldn’t really be able to make much money. So I am surprised to see now they are releasing in the US.

Even though I saw it in a flight, I can tell you that it was pretty clear to watch and sounded good, so all you purists, don’t go judging me 🙂 and take my word when I say that even if you saw it in a theater, your experience would be the same. Now I really like Kate Bosworth and Jacob Tremblay, they are great actors and they do a great job in this movie as well but the story just isn’t there.

It is a supernatural thriller about this child whose dreams and nightmares become real, physically alive. He has been through a few foster homes and there are a lot of dead and missing people, all because of his nightmares, one of which is Canker-man, an alien/deformed monster who eats people. When he makes it into Jessie and Mark’s home, he fills them with hope as they see a beautiful butterfly on the first night he is there. They lost their son when he accidentally drowned in the tub and they have been grieving since then. They love each other but the strains in the relationship are beginning to show and with Cody’s introduction into their lives, they look for a new beginning.

But alas, that is not to be. Cody’s moods start to change and his beautiful dreams become nightmares that take on an ugly turn. The climax is not what I expected but without giving away too much, I think that could be the only ending.

I have seen Mike Flanagan’s Oculus, which is one of my top recent horror movies and I have heard he did a good job with Hush as well but Before I Wake fails in the story department. Where it succeeds is the acting and the visuals. I think the visuals were really good, even when you see it on a small screen. Tremblay gives another solid performance and the true horror of possessing such a gift/curse was emoted really well by him.

I still think it is a one time watch because of all the rubbish movies out there; this one is based on flawed human beings and that makes for a much better watch compared to slash/gore teen flicks. But make sure to watch Room after just to reinforce how good Jacob Tremblay is for a 10 year old actor.


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