Jason Bourne (2016) – Review

Jason Bourne Review

Jason Bourne is back with a receding grey hairline but as macho as ever. He beat up so many guys in this movie, even after a decade of being out of practice that I think someone should make Bourne Vs. Bond – that would be a more interesting plot-line compared to this 2 hour repetition I saw in Jason Bourne.

There was no story at all – I mean just because the previous 3 movies were one of the best trilogies in the world, it shouldn’t warrant another sequel. The acting was ok – Matt Damon looked haggard and tired which I can believe considering he has been at brawls in the last decade. Alicia Vikander as the double agent did a half decent job though she pretty much had just one expression through the movie but I still forgive her because she is a novice, maybe she thought she can better the original trilogy by being part of the movie. Tommy Lee Jones should take a break and enjoy his life, he is just too old to be playing FBI and it was the most superficial acting I have seen from a seasoned actor like him.

In previous Bourne movies, we had a compelling story, we were all rooting for Bourne to find out what had happened to him and were on the edge of our seats when he gets the so called justice in Bourne Ultimatum. In Jason Bourne, the only hook was for him to find what happened before Operation Blackbriar. The social media sub-plot, the Alica Vikander sub-plot, all of it just seemed unnecessary and repetitive. Some of the action scenes were good too, but we have seen many of those already played out before in the previous ones. So nothing new there.

Some of the scenes were just unbelievable too. I mean all movies have some scenes where you go, ‘Yeah right, that can’t happen in real life’ but this one takes the cake. For instance, Bourne, the most wanted man on the planet, gets in to the United States of America and people visual ID him only after a few hours? Even if Alica Vikander meddled with the software to let him, isn’t he the most famous double agent fugitive? And he didn’t even know he would be helped, but he still decided to take a chance to enter US? The man who has been trained to make no mistakes. What was he planning to do if he got recognized? Bomb the airport? Absolutely ridiculous. The best part was there was a guy in our theater who just kept laughing out loud when such a unreal scene played out. Like he knew that can never happen, not even in a movie.

Sorry Mr. Greengrass, I am too much of a fan of the original story and trilogy to give you the benefit of the doubt and say ‘It was good… Just not as good as the original’. I am saying, please don’t take treasures like the Bourne trilogy and try to make more gold out of it. They are best if left alone.


4 thoughts on “Jason Bourne (2016) – Review

  1. Good review. Like most, I did like the Jason Bourne movie, but not as much as the original trilogy movies. I think either Supremacy or Ultimatum are favorites (can’t decide on which one). As for this movie, I agree that was harkened back too much on the previous movie (a “Treadstone Retread” of sorts). Hopefully, if they make another one, they will create something new to make Jason Bourne evolve as a character.

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    1. You are too kind to how bad the movie was Jason :). Like I said, film makers shouldn’t be allowed to mess with the original if they can’t assure the next one will be better. And I hope there is no next one, for all our sakes 😀

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  2. Just watched it on BluRay. It is pretty unrealistic. Actually all of them are but the idea is to be able to suspend relaity and the first three made that possible. This one did not. matt Damon produced this one so I assume it was done for the money, not that he should need it.

    I couldn’t help notice in the scene in London, just before Borne says “I’ll see you in Las Vegas,” out the window of the car they drive by the Luxor in Vegas. That giant pyramid is unmistakable and there is on such building in London.

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