I surround myself…


I surround myself with people,

And chatter away,

So I can drown in their voices,

And not hear my own thoughts.


I surround myself with good thoughts,

But all I get are dark thoughts that show me horrifying things,

Something in my head shows me a man burning,

And I can see vividly that that burning man is my partner.


I surround myself with good deeds,

But these visions show me something that I have done,

Something really bad – I was the one,

Who lit the matchstick.


I surround myself with kindness and love,

But he had neither of those.

I saw his messages; to that whore,

Unspeakable things they want to do to each other.


I surround myself with the present,

But how long has this wretched affair been on?

Is that why he started beating me?

Do we even have a future, the both of us?


I surround myself with good karma,

But who am I to decided other people’s fate,

Maybe he deserves what is coming to him,

I will be released from all his violence after I burn him.


I surround myself with calmness,

There is time before the tornado hits,

And creates havoc in our little world;

Of love, hate, jealousy, infidelity and treachery!




4 thoughts on “I surround myself…

  1. Cheating. It is a very subjective concept. Where do you draw the line. Outside the obvious, a fleeting thought. An interest to know the person better. Taking pleasure in someone else’s conversation or companionship over lunch.
    It is something for everyone to work out with their partners. What works for the both of you is what is right.


  2. Domestic abuse on the other hand is not subjective. Any form of abuse is wrong and should be dealt with expeditiously. If this is yourself or someone you know, being silent is the worst thing you can do. Seek or offer help


    1. This was a work of fiction – inspired by a writing prompt and effects of slash/gore but I don’t agree with you fully. Having an interesting conversation with someone is okay, but becoming emotionally attached without telling your partner is cheating. Domestic abuse is obviously a big NO but how many people have the courage to come out and talk about it in the hope that it will go away? Its not black or white, there is a lot of grey to deal with in life.

      Also, whats your name?


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