Suicide Squad (2016) – Review


I admit, I didn’t know much about the Suicide Squad characters and who is in the ‘bad guys’ team and neither did I try to read up too much about them.

Maybe that is why I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Ya it had its weaknesses. It had big plot holes (like why would a super-witch fight in a hand-to-hand combat when she could take away all the weapons?) and lies as marketing (where was Jared Leto as the next-crazy-method-acting-maniacal Joker other than those few minutes on the screen?), but if you leave all that aside, it was a fun watch.

Lets look at the bad first. We didn’t get to know the back stories of the characters except Dead Shot, played by Will Smith; who is a hit-man but a devoted father and Harley Quinn, played brilliantly by Margot Robbie, the psychiatrist who falls in love with the Joker and he makes her into a over-the-top-sexual deranged, crazy person. I still don’t know about the characters which is a pity. And that is one of the big problems isn’t it?

Why would they fight as a squad when there is nothing in common for them to fight for?- they were let free after Rick Flag destroys the instrument that could be used to blow the bomb-chips inside their bodies. Why would Diablo, played well by Jay Hernandez who is guilty as hell of killing his own family join forces with a bunch of crazies? Who is Killer-Croc, what is his story? Why does Boomerang keep a stuffed-horse with him? So the whole movie was not driven by characters – which was what it was supposed to be.

The climax reminded me of Ghostbusters – the Sigourney Weaver one where she gets possessed and tries to bring hell on earth – which doesn’t say much. The climax should have been more, I wanted more.

But in spite of many loopholes, me as an average movie goer will love this movie, especially if I don’t know much about the actual Suicide Squad. I was entertained, pretty much through the movie (compared to the recent ones I saw like Independence Day and Jason Bourne) – it was paced okay, there were some light moments and I loved Margot Robbie – she was made into this sexual-bimbo, but which heroine today isn’t? At least she owned the craziness that the character is supposed to own. It was her movie along with Will Smith’s who showed the swagger that he owns.

Come on people, don’t overthink this one when you are watching it and you will have fun.


8 thoughts on “Suicide Squad (2016) – Review

  1. To me, Suicide Squad wasn’t a complete trainwreck of a movie, but I was expecting more from it. Smith, Davis, and Robbie were excellent in it and the concept of the team was neat. However, the movie was way overstuffed with characters, the plot was rather skimpy, and they didn’t feel like a team. I don’t know maybe my expectations were super high to complete enjoy this movie. Good review.

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    1. Well, I didn’t think anything of him, and that’s the reason I didn’t write about him. I don’t understand why he had to be in character for a role of 9 minutes unless there is another film about joker being shot which we don’t know of? And his looks were like in the comic so it’s not like they were innovative about it. Whereas for his dialogues and laughter, he looked like a loony, not a deranged, king of Gotham – now that doesn’t say much does it?

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      1. Yeah I hear they cut off a huge chunk of Joker screen time, even Jared Leto is pissed. There’s more Joker in the Purple Lamborghini music video aha yeah that was a weird take. Like a mob boss. Not sure what to think of him.

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