Winner Vs. Loser

Haven’t we all seen this person in our lives/family/office/workplace who only complains and doesn’t take any responsibility whatsoever? A loser, whose actions and reactions are all negative. These lines maybe part of an old forward which does the rounds every once in a while in management lessons, but it never grows old or irrelevant.


The winner is always part of the answer;

The loser is always part of the problem.


The winner always has a plan;

The loser has an excuse.


The winner says ‘let me do it for you’,

The loser says ‘that’s not my job’.


The winner sees a green near every sandtrap,

The loser sees a sandtrap near every green.


The winner says ‘it maybe difficult, but it’s possible’,

The loser says ‘it maybe be possible, but it is difficult’.


Which one do you want to be?



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