Before We Go (2014) – Review

In between all the big studio movies of Thor, Avengers and Captain America, Chris Evans finds some time to direct his debut with this quiet, subdued film about two strangers falling in love in one night.

Before we go

Plot and Script (P&S)

Nick Vaughan (Evans) and Brooke Dalton (Alice Eve) meet by accident in New York subway when Dalton misses her last train from NY to Boston. She must get back before her husband, else all hell will break loose. Vaughan, a struggling musician, decides to help her and get her to Boston. He himself is in NY to audition in front of a music legend but also because his ex, who he thinks is her soulmate, is there.

The film is about this night, when these two strangers help each other through their worst fears, falling in love in the process.

Frankly, I was sold on the description of the movie on Netflix so I found the story and the plot quite sweet. It is a take on soul mates, how one might feel that there is someone out their who is perfect for you. But they obviously didn’t get into the details and it did seem a little implausible that two strangers would fall in love without knowing too much about each other.

Characterization and Acting (C&A)

I liked the characters of Vaughan and Dalton, they seemed real enough. Though Dalton/Eve broke out in her natural English accent every once in a while, which was a little weird. And there is also the question of trusting a stranger in NY. It just seemed too easy. Anyways, it is a story and a probable one at that. Dalton is not happy in her marriage and I can see how she might be attracted to Vaughan and vice-versa.

The acting was okay-ish, though sometime Evans has limited expressions on his face. Evans was also too-nice a person in the movie, though likable. The dialogue was not too great – it was pretty standard for a romance and nothing new.

Sounds and Effects (S&E)

The sounds were really good in this movie. The night sounds of NY were quite real I felt and the music was good too.

Cinematography and Visuals (C&V)

The feel of the movie was very charming. The editing was good, it was slow and gentle in places it was supposed to be and the visuals were stunning. The magic of NY in the night was so beautifully captured, it was amazing.

Direction  and Overall (D &O)

Well, I liked Chris Evan’s debut as a director – obviously it was not perfect but it was a really good romantic flick. It was sensible, felt real and the sequences were logical. It was a straight forward meet-cute and I wish there was some inventiveness to the story.

So here are my scores according to my new system:

Plot and Script (P&S)- 1.0

Characterization and Acting (C&A) – 1.0

Sounds and Effects (S&E) – 1.0

Cinematography and Visuals (C&V) – 1.5

Direction  and Overall (D &O) – 1.5

Overall Score – 6.0 out of 10

Watch it one of those days when you want to see a new romance, when you are tired of all your already watched romcoms and you will like it.

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4 thoughts on “Before We Go (2014) – Review

  1. Another blogger recommended this one to me a few months back and I quite enjoyed it. Was sweet and as you said, a good attempt by Chris Evans. In fact, I see him with new eyes since this movie – not Captain America. Found it had similarities with the Before Sunset/Sunrise movies and almost enjoyed it more.

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