The Future

I can’t remember who wrote this but this was in one of my old files where I keep all the debates and recitations I wrote and participated in school. I thought of sharing this with you as it is so apt in this violent world of ours. And the first image that came to my mind was of the little injured Syrian child, Omran, whose image made headlines a few days back. Dedicated to all the victims of warfare between armies of countries and their politics, warfare which doesn’t seem to cease.


A nuclear bomb has dropped from the top

A mushroom cloud has formed high above

There is no today, there is no tomorrow

There is no hope, there is only sorrow.

What is our fault, oh might lord?

The great world powers have smitten their sword

Where is peace, the five lettered word?

Which means we are the world.

There is only death and pools of tears

Of millions of people I can’t count oh dear

The only planet with life has turned

Into a graveyard with only strife.

I wonder if I will ever get candies to eat

See butterflies or smile on the face of a child

Really, humanity has been killed in its womb

And mother earth has been turned into a tomb.

There are two paths to follow in my sight

The one which leads to peace is always right

In today’s race, the winner is the one who believes in peace

The loser is the one who fights without cease.

The great world powers haven’t come to a decision yet

But let peace be in every vision

There are miles to go before we reach the top

Let’s take a pledge for all warfare to stop.


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