I Stand Alone…


Poetry, mountains, creatures dwelling inside mountains, dont destroy nature
PC – Taken at Cannon Beach, Oregon on phone

Come storm, come sun, I stand alone.

There is no-one to protect me, only myself.

But I shelter and guard many.

There is no-one to support me, 

That’s ok – I have my children, the ones who dwell in me.

I have stood here and the test of time.

No one to move me but the mightier gods.

They have been kind to me though.

They have not tried to break me down with their big machines.

For how long, I ask? Is it not just a matter of time when they come blazing in?

‘You serve no purpose’, they will say. ‘You have to go’.

They will destroy me and all the living beings dependent on me.

They don’t care, they are selfish, only thinking of themselves and their survival.

Weren’t we put on earth to share and depend on each other and support each other?

But here I am, I stand alone. The last one. The last mountain on Earth. 






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