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Seattle is Washington State’s largest city and is surrounded by water, mountains and forests. There was so much to do and so much more one can do. We had a few days there and saw as much as we could. Here are some photos and a few tidbits for those who ever want to visit Seattle. As always, most of these photos are taken on a phone.

Crystal Mountain


The sights of Mt. Rainier are just breathtaking – see from either the Rainier point or the Crystal Mountain angle. We went up the gondola to top of the Crystal Mountain to catch a glimpse of Rainier – it seems the scenery is better on a clear day and we were not disappointed. It was a bright and sunny day and we could see Rainier clearly. At over 14,000 feet, it stands tall and majestic, covered in snow.


View directly opposite of Rainier from Crystal Mountain


The way up to Crystal Mountain peak with other paths meant for trekking. These same roads become skiing routes in winter.

Crystal 5.jpg

Mount Rainier – its an active volcano and is one of the most glaciated peaks in the US.

Space Needle


Space needle is iconic and a visit was a must. The views from the top are great, provided it is clear. A tip – try to go after 7 pm, the tickets are cheaper and the views are better. It was built in 1962 for the World Fair and at 605 feet was one of the tallest then.


View of the Union Lake with a sail fest on from the Needle.


The expansive waters that Seattle has.

Duck Tour


Taking the Duck Tours, we went around the city. Though they couldn’t show us much on land, the views from the water was just awesome. Its amazing how the same vehicle can operate on land and water – James Bond anyone?

I would say the Duck Tour of Seattle is avoidable – there isn’t much they can show. Its best if you go around Seattle and its famous tourist spots.


Seattle downtown.

Pike Place Market


Pike Place Market is a must. It started in 1907 and is one of oldest, continuously operated public farmer’s markets in the US. It overlooks the Elliott Bay and is always jam-packed I heard. From sea food to jewelry to flowers, you might find everything here.

The sea food stalls are the best. So much variety and some drama with the vendors throwing fish while unpacking. When we were there, these guys was throwing fish in like a relay to stock it up and one of the guys didn’t catch one of them. It went flying and hit a lady – there was a gasp from the people and some laughter when she herself started laughing once the initial shock wore off. She was quite sportive ūüôā

Pike 1.jpg

Under Pike Place is this – a whole wall of gum. Apparently, the tradition started a couple of decades back and though the city tried to take it off, they gave up after a couple of times. It was declared one of the germiest places in 2009.

Gas WorksGasworks.jpg

Gas works park is a public space which has the remnants of the Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant which provided electricity to the city for almost 40 years at which point it was decommissioned in 1956.

Gasworks pan.jpg

View from the park


The first ever Amazon books brick and mortar store.

There is so much more Seattle has to offer.¬†Don’t forget to try the¬†Restaurants and bistros – Lunchbox ¬†Laboratory is great for burgers. In the Bowl is a unique place, completely vegan but awesome food. Dahlia bakery in downtown has some mouth watering treats.

There is Din Tai Fung¬†which I heard a lot about but we had over 2 hours of waiting so we didn’t end up going. Its known for its dimsums and steamed desserts. Umi Sake is a 10 year old Japanese restaurant which was way too crowded too.

A few places have open Ship Locks where you can see the mechanism of ships and boats go from sea-water to fresh water and vice-versa.

Some other things to do (which we didn’t) are the Chihuly Museum which is a garden with glass sculptures – very beautiful I heard. Pioneer square, a tour of the old city underground, and other museums are a few others we didn’t have time for. Next time I guess.

If you are ever in Seattle, do the touristy things but don’t forget to do some of the non-touristy things.¬†But we did a trip to Oregon – Sea Side and Cannon beach and a ferry ride back to Seattle but that’s for another day.

If you think there are other places to see, please do write in, will save it for our next trip.



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