The curious case of Oy

This is a short story i wrote for an assignment for a free online version of a course I am taking on Storytelling. But since I am not in the paid version of the course, I don’t get my story reviewed by my peers.

So I thought why not put it out here for you guys to review. It would be great if you can give me some constructive criticism 🙂

The assignment – Write your first sentence introducing your character. Make the next sentence a rising action using one of the following twelve words. Write your third sentence, which may introduce the weakness, then write your fourth sentence with a rising action that includes one of the remaining eleven words you haven’t used. And so on –  I have highlighted the twelve words I was supposed to use.

Oy had magic in him and he was trapped. All Oy could do now was plan on how he could get out of the cage that didn’t let him use his powers.

Oy could remember the day when he was content, he had his magic, a home and his love. The evil tiger killed his lady love and captured him without food and water because Oy was special.

Without his magic, Oy was helpless. He remembered his master had taught him to use his brains and a great plan was forming in his mind with the help of memories of his lessons.

It was almost two weeks since he was captured. So he pretended to be dead, a trick he had learnt.

Little did the tiger know that Oy had such control over his mind that he could live on sunlight and air for even a month. The tiger used his special appliance with rings attached it to open the cage – maybe Oy would live if he gave some water or the dead crow he was saving for supper.

As soon as the cage opened, the curse broke and Oy jumped out. He took out his carrot shaped wand, muttered a spell and the cage shut again, leaving the tiger inside, his stomach exploding with hunger and his throat parched. The spell put the tiger in the same condition Oy escaped from, but the tiger didn’t know how to control his hunger or his thirst.

Oy was feeling so filthy not having had a shower for two weeks that the first thing he did after getting home was to get aboard the plank and jump into the pool, remembering how his lady love and he used to frolic in the water – carefree and happy, as any dogs could be.

Moral of the story: Putting your mind to work is the greatest skill of all.


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