Acknowledgement is all that is needed

Books were her release from the world she was shy of. Though she had friends, she was a nerd and found solace in books – so she read – everything from Enid Blyton to National Geographic and got lost in the world of words and stories. She dreamed of the day when some other child would be reading her stories – that’s the dream that she still believes in but hasn’t found the time or confidence to achieve it or maybe it isn’t time yet to tell her story.

But she had to start somewhere, didn’t she? So she wrote journals for a few years. She would collect all the great articles she read and would go on to make a scrapbook of it. And then she started a blog – after all the inertia and laziness. She started on one platform and then moved to another, which she has been maintaining consistently since February 2016.

She has met many a great people, aspiring writers, artists, travelers, friends telling their personal stories and appreciating hers when they are good.  She is now immersed in this world, hoping that this practice of writing about various things she is interested in will finally lead her to tell her story.

That is the story of how Sukanya started writing on WordPress, regularly. With 96 blogs, she is grateful to those who follow her Broth (100 today!) and keep critiquing/commenting her writing. She hopes that she would be able to tell many small stories as regularly as she has been now.

Source: Pexels, Donald Tong

She is also thankful to SHRUSHTIANDHARE who gave her a chance to tell the story of how her Broth of Blogs started and requests others to check out Shrushti’s blog for great short stories.

Two cents from an amateur blogger to others who are just starting out – Just start, NOW. The point is to start writing regularly, structure and clarity can come later. And start with some theme you are passionate about – be it movies or travel or books or a mix of many.

Here is hoping to remain a part of the community and inspire others to start writing. My page has the bloggers I follow and I would love to know your story, how your blog started.



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