Fellow blogger Diego has asked me, among others, to answer a few questions, as part of a larger awards/recognition program that bloggers do for each other 🙂

Thank you Diego and folks who read my blog, check out LazySundayMoviesBlog. Diego writes the funniest reviews and his drunk reviews are hilarious. Which of them are drunk reviews, go figure!

As I said in my previous blog, it feels great to be recognized and if you don’t like the spotlight, then you are a bit embarrassed too to talk about yourself or your blog. Nonetheless, the rules of recognition are simple, thank and answer questions that nominators have asked, and nominate others. It becomes difficult to nominate only a few bloggers for this, so I have added the bloggers I follow on my page and I welcome any or all of them to answer the same questions below and let your blog/yourself be known better.

Here are my answers to Diego’s questions:

  • How would you explain the colour blue to a blind person?

A. Blue is the new black….

  • If you could recast the MCU, who would you put where?

A. I don’t think I would change a thing in MCU, I think they have got it pretty much right, except maybe Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. I might put Kit Harrington from GoT. I am also not yet sure of Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, but another month to go, and we will know whether that was a disaster or a home run!!

  • What’s a scene from a movie that made you cry the most?

A. Scenes? I have cried through movies, what you talking about scenes? P.S.I love you, Monster, The Notebook etc. But I think the one scene which will always haunt me is the climax from Boy in the striped pyjamas, I don’t think there can be a more tragic thing.

  • Hit me with the best joke you’ve heard.

A. Just listen to any of Mr. Trumps speeches, you will ROFL every time!!

  • Halloween is my favourite holiday. What are you guys dressing up this year?

A. This will be my first Halloween in the US (didn’t really do much in India) and I think I would like to be Alice from Resident Evil, kicking zombie butts.

  • What’s the best ad you’ve ever seen? (I’m intrigued)

A. Ok this is an old Indian ad of Happydent (chewing gum) – you can watch it here . It won a bunch of awards back in the day and the concept is just super awesome.

  • I’m running out of TV shows to watch, whatcha got?

A. I keep turning back to Friends whenever I am bored. It doesn’t take up too much time and I still laugh!

  • If you could talk to your 13 year old self, what would you say?

A. ‘Start writing NOW if that’s what you are passionate about and don’t be a nerd.’

  • What’s a film that changed your perspective on life/the world?

A. Movies are special for me, I try to find meaning and relate to most films I watch. So there are too many to choose from. But films about social messages obviously teach you more than mindless comedies!!

  • If money wasn’t a problem (wages and stuff), what job would you wanna do?

A. Be like Jane Goodall, live in the forests and work towards conserving them and its flora and fauna.

  • Tips and advice for new bloggers out there? (Speech, speech, speech)

A. I have said this before, the time is NOW people. If writing gives you solace, then just start writing. Pick a theme (or a bunch like me) that you like and write. Fine-tuning, refining, getting better – all of that comes later. You gotta be regular first! And most important, have fun writing.

What are your answers, would be lovely to know more.


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