Don’t bother looking for signs. Life is all about random selections!

You know how sometimes you get signs everywhere that you are at the right place at the right time? I saw such signals when I applied for this marketing job.


The role was perfect, I had all the required experience and within three days of applying, I received an interview call. I was happy!

My research showed that this was a young company, doing well, and wanted employees like myself who could with their experience, provide some order to the chaos. I am great at that btw – I am like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S with my checks and lists. I prepared for the interview, enjoyed learning about the industry they were in and even enrolled for a webinar the CEO was conducting a day after my interview, taking that as a sign that I will get through.

And I was right about the company – when I was waiting for my interview, I saw a lot of people, a very colorful environment and energy. And my interview, did it go well or what? Actually two of them. The first one was from this senior leader who asked me about my experience, lessons, skills and noted down a lot of points on the back side of my resume which he had printed one-sided. I thought it went well.

After a few minutes, another senior member of the team came who said she had had a talk with the previous guy and they agree that I would fit more than one position. Wowee!! In my mind, I was already picturing myself what I would wear on my first day of the job. This conversation was much more informal compared to the first one and she almost told me that my experience more than matches what they are looking for. And I would get through to the next set of interviews. She even showed me around the nice, colorful and peppy office.

But turns out, I don’t think I was there at the right place at the right time. Either the place was not right or the time. I got a reject for the next round and boy am I bummed. All those signs – did they mean anything at all?

Anyways, so lesson learnt – right place, right time, right door, left foot, signs, stars – forget about them all. Just keep doing what you need to with all the diligence and hard work – some of your work will be rewarded and some wont.

Random selection – that is what life is about!!

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Don’t bother looking for signs. Life is all about random selections!

  1. It sucks, but we can’t take it too personally. Often they decide they can’t really afford to hire people, or someone gets promoted through nepotism – stupid, unprofessional stuff that if you knew about it, you’d consider it a bullet dodged.

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    1. Agree completely and that is the reason I say it is completely random. I mean how do you know which sperm is the lucky one which gets to attach itself to the egg? I figured everything in life is random 🙂


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