North Shore – The Beauty of Fall

For people in Minnesota, North Shore is a given destination. Easily doable in a couple of days, this is the perfect weekend getaway. We recently did just a day road trip, to gauge what we should explore more in the days to come. We passed through Duluth, right upto Lutsen which is what you can do in a day. If you have a couple of days then one can go more North towards Grand Portage too. But we stuck to a day and here are some pictures.

  1. Lutsen Mountains

Lutsen Mountains is a ski area in the north central United States; an alpine area located on the North Shore region of Cook County in northeastern Minnesota.

Lutsen is one of the northernmost ski areas in the United States outside of Alaska. It is located in the rugged Sawtooth Mountains, part of the Superior Highlands on the north shore of Lake Superior. Lutsen receives natural snow, at times lake effect snow from the lake at its foot, and also has snow making equipment. Lutsen Mountains Resort is the largest ski resort in the Midwest, also having the most vertical drop in the Midwest. Definitely will try out skiing sometime.


There is a gondola ride to take you to the top and its breath taking when the fall colors have peaked. Best time to go!


The whole was range was a mix of yellow to orange to red.



Even the river looks red.

2. Palisade Head

Palisade is one of the non-commercial gems of North Shore. It is a large rock formation but has stunning views. You just drive up to the edge and you can walk along the rock face and look 100’s of feet below. If you are into rappelling or rock climbing, you can do that also. Though on your own.



We saw a few people rappelling – wish I could too.



3. Split Rock Lighthouse

We then made our way to split rock lighthouse. It is beautiful and has a history too which be read here.




4. Duluth and Lake Superior

Here are some views of Lake Superior/Duluth. More to come later when we stop for a longer period of time.



North Shore is definitely a must see for people in the mid-west of USA. Anyone been there? Any other places to check out along this route?


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