Doctor Strange – Not a Movie Review

Woooowww, what just happened there? I feel strange. I saw the movie and what did I think?

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Ok lets start with the good. The special effects were spectacular – I am just another one who feels it was Kaleidoscope-y/Inception-y but really, they looked great. But was there anything else?

Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange was good, but not as great as Downey as Tony Stark like most people are comparing. I mean Stark was so much more defined. I didn’t even see why people are saying there are comparisons – there were like 2 scenes where Strange is shown to be an egotist and a brazenly rude genius. I didn’t really care he lost his hands but I did care when Stark was being held hostage because they developed the character there you see. With Strange, they just fast forwarded without showing anything.

I didn’t really care for the whole mysticism and magic – I mean I know and have read about chakras and energy and what one can do with practices like Pranic Healing and Reiki. The whole Kamar Taj nonsense just felt so superficial, fake even. You send Strange up to Everest and he learns magic because he can’t take the cold? Come on folks!

I really like the chemistry between Stark and Potts because, again, they gave it time to develop. We do see some history here with Strange and his ex-love interest Christine Palmer but I didn’t feel any emotions when he insults her because that is what he has always done and says sorry when he realizes that he has been a dick all the while.

There was just too much going on with the plot too. Instead of the film makers taking time to develop the characters and just sticking to one world-disaster waiting to happen, they just zipped past the jerk-turned-superhero-saves-the-world bit. You see, some of the other super heros are more common, I mean most people would know the stories of Superman or Iron Man or Avengers. But Doctor Strange, they needed more of a back story. Not exposition, of where there was just too much in the movie.

And what was Tilda Swinton doing in the movie? They could have at-least taken an Asian as the ancient one. Don’t even get me started on Chiwetel Ejiofor and his role in the movie. He just looked gave up too easily being the Master and all.

I could just go on and on about it but I will stop.

Folks, I don’t have anything against the actors, I think they did what they were asked to and they did it to the best of their abilities – I blame the greedy studios, trying to make another superhero movie just to fit the MIU. This could have been great, memorable even, if they had just given it time.

I think the only memorable thing in the movie was Benedict Wong as Wong. Lol, he was funny.

Do you guys agree? Well I know somebody agrees. Here is Jia Wei’s review of Doctor Strange. He is on my side 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Doctor Strange – Not a Movie Review

  1. Good review. You do make some valid points in your review. There was a lot going to on. The movie actuals the standard origin story narrative like the rest of the MCU movies (one of my big negatives about the film). However, I personally liked it. Wasn’t my favorite, but a good addition to the MCU.

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    1. Thanks Jason! I know a lot of people liked it but that’s my whole point. The audience expects a lot now from Marvel and it’s movies so treat a film with care, don’t rush through it just so you can release a new movie for MCU, and they didn’t do that..

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