Trump is President? What? How?

What just happened? How did it happen? Almost everybody was against him, the media, the bi-partisan politicians (well mostly), a whole Hillary-backed team, global nations and a lot of average Americans but he won! He actually won and very clearly so. This blog is not an expert analysis of the election result but some questions that one needs to ask to understand how people work, how a nation works.

Mr. Donald Trump, now President Donald Trump, pulled it off. How? Well he worked hard, he rallied his hard-core supporters and energized their inner beliefs that the usual politician will not do anything for them, he rattled the establishment by making the most crass and lewd comments but got the attention he wanted, he disrespected the idea of democracy and free-press but he worked hard at making sure his hatred spread. He proved everyone wrong and actually won by pulling off nothing short of a miracle.

How frustrated and desperate do people have to be to elect Donald Trump as America’s president? I guess a lot. Maybe, most average Americans liked what Donald Trump had to offer – a demagogue like character but a character that believes that America is really suffering and needs someone from outside the system to make it great again. Maybe, America is inherently racist and wants a leader with whom they can be openly so. A large majority is unhappy with Obamacare and the rise of interest rates might have rattled them even more and they thought Trump is going to repeal it, so maybe he should come to power. There were a lot of people who believed Hillary is a liar and is two-faced and Trump is well, rude but honest. Maybe, they just wanted a change and decided to give a rookie a chance to rise to the occasion. I mean America gave George W. Bush two chances so why not give Donald Trump a single chance to start with? I think I understand where people are coming from.

But can he rise to the occasion? Well, his victory speech certainly seemed like he was willing to try. His speech was very different from his campaign and rallies and the hatred he spread for the last couple of years. His speech was humble, he did seem like he wanted to try and unite the country – democrats and republicans alike, he didn’t gloat about his win and Hillary’s defeat which I thought was a big deal, he didn’t even scream asking people to be thrown out. He was a different personality altogether. Is this the change that he is going to try to make? Is it the fear of the enormous responsibility he has on his shoulders that made him do so, which could be a good thing. And he is said he is willing to learn which is half the battle won. If he can keep his ego and hatred and demi-god like character aside and actually learn from trust advisers who actually know what they are doing, maybe it will be OK. We will just have to wait and watch, won’t we.

But for all those who have a dream, I say anything can happen, even a miracle. The only thing that can’t happen is a woman becoming the president of America, because the glass ceiling is so infinitely high, that there is no way to shatter it.


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