State Parks – Taylor Falls and Willow River

The national and state parks in the US are one of the greatest ways you can be in tune with nature and experience the immense beauty that there is. With the National Park Service completing a 100 years there has been a growing community focusing on conservation, recreation, education and preservation. Minnesota has an abundance of natural beauty like many states in the US and we had a peek into the gorgeousness of it all this fall. Taylor Falls State Park and Willow River State Park in Wisconsin were beautiful with the fall colors and natural beauty. These can easily be done in a day and are quite close to each other, also quite close from Minneapolis.

Taylor Falls Park

There is so much to do at this Interstate State Park, located on the beautiful St. Croix River. You can climb the cliffs of the St. Croix River Dalles, canoe the flat-water, watch kayakers rush through the rapids, or relax on an excursion boat. Spring brings a great diversity of wildflowers and in fall, the St. Croix River Valley forest is ablaze in the autumn colors of red, gold, and orange.

Here are some pictures.


The geology that formed this park intrigues many and it was amazing to read how these rocks and glacial formations came about. At least 10 different lava flows are exposed in the park, along with two distinct glacial deposits, and traces of old streams valleys and faults. During the summer, hike the trails and explore the glacial potholes that make this park unique.img_20161022_111112img_20161022_105339img_20161022_105141

The glacial formation above is one of the deepest.


Willow River State Park

With nearly 3,000 acres of prairie, forests and panoramic river scenery, Willow River State Park offers year-round recreation opportunities in western Wisconsin. The park is about five miles northeast of Hudson.


Willow Falls – The view was quite something – very picturesque.img_20161022_154627img_20161022_180239

Evening Colors


The photo above is almost from a postcard – this was probably the best view, from the Little Falls dam.

Anybody know any other trails or parks to go to?

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