Daylight Savings – Short Fiction

November 6 – Daylight savings commence. So I wound all my clocks back one hour – five of them; all over the house. My laptop and phone had automatically changed over. Did my chores and ate dinner at 6 pm (because it was actually 7 pm). It takes time for the body to forget the time difference. Listless day. Nothing to talk about, nobody to talk to, nothing to look forward to the next day.

But there was this uneasiness, like something was following me around in the house. My husband told me I was just being paranoid because of the freak accident the previous evening.

I was getting back home after dropping him to the airport for his office trip and I this kid on his cycle came out of nowhere. I swerved left, but I was pretty sure I hit him. I managed to hit the brakes before I collided into a tree, luckily the speed had reduced and I was unhurt. I got down and went to see if the kid was okay, but I couldn’t see anything. The kid was nowhere to be seen. I called the cops and after a couple of hours of searching the cops told me that they didn’t see any signs of the kid or the cycle. But one of the cops told me that a similar accident had happened a few years ago when a lady hit a kid on a cycle and the kid was crushed to death. The cops said they will keep a lookout and they drove me home. I popped a couple of sleeping pills and slept through the night. That was yesterday.

9:30 pm, time to sleep. I spoke my husband for a couple of minutes on the phone, he had reached and was about to go for his day long meetings.

I felt the sun shining thorough the windows. I woke up to see the time on the bedside clock – 8:30. Wow, I had slept way more than I usually did. I made myself a cup of coffee and opened read the paper for a bit, my mind not on the news. I have got to find a job, I thought to myself.

I went to the kitchen to think about breakfast when I glanced up at the clock on the cooking range timer. 8:30? Had the clock stopped working? I went into the bedroom, that clock was stuck at 8:30 too. I ran to find the same time on all the other clocks. Weird.

I went to check my laptop and all my hair stood up. I ran to grab my phone and my heart skipped a beat. It was only 7:30. Someone had wound all the clocks forward by an hour. Or was it something in the house?


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6 thoughts on “Daylight Savings – Short Fiction

  1. The way the story is related is good. Your narrator is very strong. I could hear the voice. The biggest flaw I can see here is your explicitness about what is happening in the story.

    For example, right at the end, when you say: “Was there someone in the house?” I’m like…yes. of course there is. It’s the ghost of the boy. Although it’s presented as a mystery, there is no mystery.

    There are other instances too, like, for example, the part when the narrator says, “the speed had reduced, I was unhurt.” It’s such a matter of fact statement there’s little left to my own imagination. As well as that, it is so to the point I can’t imagine anyone actually speaking like that.

    Anyway, keep up the writing, if you have any questions or want me to read over anything else you can message my blog or email me.


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