Mystery and Niagara Caves – Photo Blog

Like I said in one of my previous travel blogs, there is something about state and national parks that makes so much sense, especially in this day and age where most of Earth’s natural beauty is getting depleted and affected because of our actions. So we jumped at the opportunity of going cave exploration to a couple of guided tours in Minnesota state parks.

There is also something about caves that intrigue me – it is not fear or claustrophobia, I truly believe, if stranded, I can survive in a cave. A course on cave exploration is on my mind but need to do a little more research.

Anyways I digress. This travelogue is about Niagara caves and Mystery Caves

Mystery Caves, discovered in 1937 are one of the longest in MN, spanning over 13 miles. Many features of standard cave formations exist here – stalagmites, stalactites, fossils etc. but the main attraction is a beautiful underground pool called the Turquoise lake.

Another important thing we learnt is about the White-nose syndrome which is wiping off bats rapidly. This deadly disease has eliminated over 6.5 million bats since 2006. The condition is so bad that some of the species are on the verge of extinction. And bat might not look good but mind you, they are one of the most important links in the balanced food chain and ecological sustenance.

Here are some photos from the Mystery caves.

Hundreds of years of formations
Fossil of a giant squid
A sink-hole


Cave formations which look like a veil
Turquoise lake

Niagara caves are more commercial in that sense and get the name because of the tall falls inside the caves. Here is a video of the falls and the caves that another traveler put up on YouTube. There are underground canyons sculpted by water over hundreds of years. There is even a wedding chapel inside a small clearing because of the veil like formations of the caves. And we were told actual weddings take place there – that’s kinda cool.

The chapel surrounded by a veil-like structure
An alligator-back formation
Canyon like formations
Fossil of a worm like creature
The falls inside Niagara caves

These caves are a day-trip distance from Minneapolis and a good educational and awareness attraction for visitors – so anybody who hasn’t gone yet, go ahead!


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