Nature’s Song

When nature first made man,

Tears of joy down her cheeks ran.

I shall make him brave and fine,

He shall protect me a long time.

Among all he shall be great,

I shall meet all his needs.

With me he shall never suffer,

If he realizes the need of the hour.

But man proved the opposite,

Due to his own wisdom and might.

He challenged nature himself,

All he saw to was himself.

The valleys, hills, plains and dales,

Full of forests, river and falls.

These have been looted by man,

To acquire from them what he can.

Dense forests are now reduced,

Waterfalls for electricity is used.

Resources are almost exhausted,

The fertile earth has been ravaged.

Man had been given the power,

To create and enliven.

But the realization of his weakness,

Came when all was a mess.

Man can’t create life,

Nor live without a strife.

In nature as her child,

Of satisfaction he is devoid.

But O man, it is true,

To destroy, no right have you.

You can’t destroy and not create,

By which you will only deteriorate.

What you can do,

Without much ado,

Is to protect and cherish nature,

Your needs she will nurture.

Having destroyed nature’s treasure,

In his craving for pleasure,

He realized, much as I try,

I cannot create but only destroy!!


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