Moving Base! Read This for Tips

I moved to a whole new place on a different continent a few months back. And it is an experience many people today undergo with jobs or seeking adventure.

But I learnt a few tricks that I have summed up that can help people in such situations. Read on.

Prioritize – You can’t practically move your entire life and material possessions (you can if you have the monies to pay for a couple of containers on a ship) so you have to prioritize what you can take. If your camera is your most prized possession, then by all means put in the 46 kgs that you can carry in a middle-eastern airlines. If you are flying a European airline, good luck, you hardly have 30 kgs that you can carry without paying for excess baggage. For us, it was a bunch of fridge magnets that we have been collecting on our trips and though it weighed a bunch, they had to be in. So make sure you prioritize what you need and take only that. 

Break down tasks – When you have just 2 weeks to completely take down your present life, things can be overwhelming. So make your lists, break down things. Look at what will take more time. We put some of our furniture on sale first as that would have taken forever. Then came smaller things and decisions on what to take and what to leave behind. Atomizing a big item always helps in any situation. 

Multi-task – We also knew that we would have to simultaneously look at apartments to live in the new place, figure out furniture, driving license, bank accounts and other documentation. So make sure you multi-task and parallel process to get more things done faster.

Delegate – You cannot do everything on your own, so delegate. If you think your friends can help with something, ask them. I had my folks and they were of great help in completing some of the tasks. You have to know how to delegate to succeed in life.

Have patience – In all of the curve-balls that are thrown at you, your patience is the virtue that will stand by you. Many things will get delayed, go wrong or never happen but have patience. Losing your cool and hyper-ventilating is not going to help, its going to make matters worse. In my case, some of my furniture did not get sold and I was wondering what I could do; I had to vacate the house I was staying in. In came my mom who helped make a sale to one of her friends. So have patience, all things are difficult before they become easy.

It all worked out okay in the end, I am here, in a new place, trying to figure out a new life. Some of these tips are just common-sense but like they say, common-sense is not so common!

If you are ready to take risks, maybe you just drop everything and move.

Do you have any such stories? Share them here.


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