Don’t Breathe (2016) – Review

My dear readers, I have decided to make some changes to my movie review system again 🙂 I will henceforth follow the five areas of review (Plot, Characterization, Visuals, Sound and Direction) but in a more free flowing style. So watch out and let me know what you think of this style.

PS: This is the review of Don’t Breathe (2016) without spoilers.

Don't Breathe Review, Movie Review, Don't Breathe 2016

Don’t breathe is about Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto) who break into people’s homes to make money. They are based in Detroit and have tough lives as do most Americans where cities have become ghost towns. Burglary and making money off it is the way they have chosen to get out of their vicious cycle of hardship, drugs and unemployment.

Money suggests that they rob an old army veteran who received 300K USD as settlement in a court case regarding his daughter’s death by an accident by a young woman. They survey the area and realize that this man (Stephen Lang) is blind. They are ecstatic. This burglary will be a piece of cake. Well guess what?



The blind guy, though lacking one of the main senses is tough as hell, and these kids have no idea who they messed with.

Don’t breathe is the most tense, suspenseful thrillers I have seen since the Alien series. The blind man’s house becomes the maze where shit goes down! The best part of the plot is that the characters take logical steps and even it doesn’t look logical, there seems to a reason behind their stupid actions. The acting is really good by most (well there are only 4 main characters) and the blind guy’s dog is like the messenger from hell – he is one mean dog.

The music is really good, keeps the audience on the edge. The visuals and cinematography is one of the better ones I have seen this year – it’s almost like a horror movie but without the ghosts. There are scene where you are really jump out of your chairs and some where you are completely taken by surprise and shock.

At 88 minutes, the film is taut and really fast paced from like the tenth minute on. Fede Alvarez gives us a horror type action-thriller and even manages to divide the audience in terms of their sympathies – do they support these kids who steal from people or the blind guy who is not as innocent as he seems?

I will let you decide. But my recommendation is to watch this one of a kind home invasion movie – don’t miss it.


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