The Hateful Eight (2015) – Review

What can I say about The Hateful Eight that you can’t see when you watch it? It is one of Tarantino’s best – the dialogues, the plot and the chemistry between the actors is as good as it gets. The Hateful Eight review, Movie Review of Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight follows a couple of bounty hunters (Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell) taking their bounty for reward when they get stuck in a snow storm. Kurt Russell’s prisoner (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is not as alone and weak as they think. They get stranded in a known inn but the owners are nowhere to be seen and they see only unfamiliar faces. What follows is typical Tarantino style of who-dunnit and clever dialogue which makes you laugh, gasp and cringe.

I think the acting in this movie is all very good. There are quite a few notable actors and most have done a good job. I really like Samuel Jackson and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Some of the others like Tim Roth or Channing Tatum could have been given more to do. The editing is tight and keeps you engrossed.

Special mention to the music – the backgrounds is grand with violins and the tension that is built and kept is a high-point in the movie. The initial scenes are just beautiful and the visuals stunning.

Now there is a lot of violence, racial tension but from what I believe, it was true for this period in time in the US. Very few directors have the courage to depict things as they were and Tarantino doesn’t shy away from showing us flawed characters, racial discrimination which plagued US and still does to a certain extent and the overuse of guns which the country still loves. It does get a bit theatrical once in a while but I am okay with that.

If you haven’t watched this 8th film of Tarantino, do so – it is gritty and violent but clever and masterfully made.



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