The Vatican Tapes (2015) – Review

The Vatican Tapes follows the fall and rise of Angela Holmes (Olivia Taylor Dudley) – as a human and as the Anti-Christ respectively. But one doesn’t realize what is happening until the end. The movie is confused in itself – is it a possession story, is it a story on the rise of Anti-Christ or is it about the church and their involvement in all of this. Or rather is it a found footage film. This confusion is quite apparent in the first five minutes itself.

The story is illogical, most of it does not make any sense. The case is quite strong and they try to salvage the irrationality with their skills, but they fail miserably. One respite is that it does move along swiftly, to a point of the climax. But the climax itself is so dead, that you are like ‘Whattt? Did I just spend 100 minutes watching this?’.

So I am not going to spend too many words describing how bad it was. It is filled with cliches, bad effects, and a confused narrative.

I think the only good thing about the movie were its actors. Angela as the lead was probably the savior of the movie – her change of expression is rather spooky and she does a good job keeping some interest in the movie. Michael Pena and Dougray Scott do a decent job too.

All in all, don’t waste your time folks unless you are a horror junkie and you have nothing better to do.


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