One Year and One day

It was a year ago that I decided to make my writing habit more regular and permanent. And I am glad I did. It feels nice to be writing/typing my thoughts about areas I am interested in or want to express myself on. I have written about thoughts, made up stories, poems and reviewed movies – all things I like doing.

I am even more glad that I found a platform where reading what other people have to express is so freely available. I have got to know a few people, got acquainted with many and have interacted with more than I could imagine. So thank you, to this community of writers and bloggers.

I would like to take this platform to more people and get to read more of what other people are thinking and writing. But it would really be great to hear some of your success and how I can make this platform more interesting.

Can you tell me what I can do better?


2 thoughts on “One Year and One day

  1. Well, I just went through ‘The Broth’ and it looks quite great. Original content always finds a way out there. So yeah, congrats on the awesome blog… Keep writing

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