The Accountant (2016) – Review

My Rating: 7 on 10

I have a special corner for kids who get bullied – it is just so sad. Kids can really be mean sometimes and if it is not corrected at that point in time, the bully and the victim can have lasting repercussions on their personality.

The Accountant tells the story of Ben Affleck who is autistic to a point where he is hypersensitive. His younger brother is normal and there is a bond between them that is unique. Because of constant care that Affleck when he is growing up, their parents’ relationship is strained and his mother leaves the family. His father who is in the army thinks that if someone is afraid of something, it doesn’t help to keep them away but to overexpose them to that. And he trains the boys in various skills like shooting, martial arts, and defense.

Cut to present day and we see Affleck is able to function as a normal human being during the day as a genius accountant who cooks books for the most dangerous criminals in the world. There is this whole alternate universe of secret cases, car chases, fights and murders and Affleck is able to handle them all. But in the night is when his medical condition is back and he tries his best to keep it at bay.

Things get interesting when the treasury department is on to him and his associate (a British woman on the phone) warns him to take a normal case. He takes up the books of a state-of-the-art robotics company and meets Anna Kendrick who is also very similar to him – she is an outsider, a minority who is trying to blend in.

People start to get murdered and Affleck and Kendrick are in the middle of it all. How it turns out is what the second and the third acts are about in this movie.

Gavin O’Conner (Jane Got a Gun fame) has helmed this one and I truly enjoyed this movie. Not for a minute is this movie dull or uninteresting. Affleck and Kendrick do a good job, supported by others and the action is great. The soundtrack is fast paced and the movie looks great.

But it doesn’t reach the heights that a movie like this should. I am comparing it to Jason Bourne (even though that might not be an equal comparison). Given the cerebral context of Affleck, I really doubt a person with such a severe medical condition can go around killing people without getting affected. With that said, the other knitpick I have is the chemistry between the brothers as adults and Kendrick’s chemistry with Affleck. There is no warmth or emotions I felt for these which then drowns the purpose of putting Autism at the crux of the movie right?

So though I enjoyed this one a lot and I might see it a second time too, it will not remain at the top of my head.

What did you feel? Did you like and not like the movie at the same time?

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