Okay guys, I think I have hit some kind of roadblock. There is much I want to say but I just don’t feel like saying it. I want to write but then I think it’s not like I have something extremely unique to say and nobody is going to miss my writing!

What is happening? Has anyone else faced this – prolonged periods of not wanting to write?


13 thoughts on “Blocked!

  1. Sometimes that thought does creepy in my mind (creating self-doubt in myself), but then I push that idea aside and look at what I’ve done with blog and how many read it. Even if I only had one viewer, that still means that I’m reaching that one person to read my content, my writing. Never give up hope….this is something all of us writers face (a sort of writer’s block).

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    1. Thanks Jason, for being one of those people who always visits my blogs – it does mean a lot. And for me, mostly it is not about how many people are viewing it, but do I even have anything unique to say.

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  2. Hi Sukanya. Try not to panic. I’d say this is quite normal. Try doing something else you like. You can also try writing through it. If you usually type, try writing on paper. Or write in a different place or at a different time. It’s also helpful to try a writing prompt. Maybe you have a writing book on your shelf or you can just google writing prompt. Best of luck. I know it’s no fun, but it will pass!

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    1. Thanks Samanth. I try not to panic but sometimes just feel sad that I don’t have anything to write. I think writing on paper might be a good change, I have always liked scribbling around but moved to typing because you can do your research simultaneously. But I will give it a shot for sure! 🙂


    1. It’s good to know others have been there too.. I have got lots of tips but still no motivation 😦 maybe I need to write about some serious social and economic issues, that always gets me thinking.. but then will I need to create a new blog for that? You don’t have to answer, just thinking out loud

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      1. That’s one hell of a slump dude. Yeah I’d wanna read that. Ideas for new blog name:
        2 Broth 2 Blog
        The Broth of Blogs: Tokyo Drift
        Broth & Blog
        Broth Five
        Broth Six
        Blogs Seven
        The Fate of the Blogs

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