He howled and he screamed He tried breaking loose Why had they tied him up? What had he done? He only wanted to roam with glee With not a care in the world and be free He even succeeded in standing up on his two Like he saw other humans do But foolish was he to … More Freedom

The ghosts

I have heard myself say that a house with death in it Can never be bought or sold by the living. It can only be borrowed from the ghosts that have stayed behind, To go back and forth, letting out and gathering back in again Worrying over the floors in confused circles, Tending to their … More The ghosts


I drift away like in a dream, Away from my father who nurtured me, Only to join my mother who will take me into her womb, I am the leaf, of the fall.   I come into this world from my mother’s womb, To hold fort as the protector of all things living, Only to melt away … More Seasons