About Broth of Blogs

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A broth of blogs – where everything converges

Thank you for visiting the Broth of Blogs.

We all know a broth is synonymous with many different ingredients coming together to form the perfect mixture. It is the way these diverse things with different strengths build on each other and fuse together. Broth of blogs is built on the same principle – many different ideas coming together to form one cohesive unit. Be it perspectives, reflections, movie reviews, sustainability and diversity issues, marketing themes, stories and much more – I am interested and like to write about all of these in one place.

If you are interested in reading about any of these topics, you are at a good place.

Here are a few things about me:

  • I am a marketer by profession.
  • Words are my passion – I think I have the ability to see patterns, express them in writing and have been doing that since childhood.
  • I have been to six different schools in India.
  • I just moved from India to the US and now to Canada – dropping everything from my career to my life and explore a new life.
  • I saw my first horror movie Poltergeist (the old one) when I was about 11. Obviously my parents didn’t know. And that started my love affair with the horror genre.
  • I have tried rappelling, white water rafting and bungee jumping. Sky diving is on my next-thing-do list.
  • I believe in gender parity and most people think I am a feminist. Though I don’t believe so!
  • I am mostly cheerful and happy that I have so much already! I do eye boots and clothes every once in a while.
  • I am a great listener!
  • I saw Bono once and have a selfie with him 🙂

That’s me – Sukanya

Do visit the BROTH and I hope you like it enough to visit again and again. And a big shoutout and thank you to all the people following the broth – through wordpress or by email.

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